Beriev implements ASD-STE100 using HyperSTE

December 01, 2007

Beriev Aircraft Company ( had its origin in 1934. The Central Design Bureau of Seaplane Manufacturing set up in Taganrog (Russia) was headed by Chief Designer Georgy Beriev. Throughout the 70 years of its history, BERIEV Aircraft Company has demonstrated exceptional creativity and has contributed immensely to the development of Russian science and technology, especially in the field of seaplanes and amphibious aircraft.

Beriev selected the HyperSTE software and related services from Tedopres in order to assure the quality of its documentation according to the global writing standard ASD-STE100 (Simplified Technical English).

Says Dr. Frans Wijma, Managing Director of Tedopres Asia: "Russian aircraft technology is second to none. We are especially proud to work with Beriev as a unique player in the global aerospace community." Dr. Wijma has long been working with major players in the Russian aerospace industry and is impressed with the quality and service provided by Russian aerospace companies.


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