Etteplan has developed a virtual showroom for KONE Marine, which KONE will use to present its People Flow solutions for passenger ships to its customers.

In the Virtual Reality (VR) environment designed by Etteplan, customers wear HMD glasses to familiarize themselves with elevators and call panels in a ship’s lobby, giving them the impression of actually being on a completed ship. The virtual world allows customers to perceive the functionality of the space and elevator solutions, and the material and product components used in the products, better than through traditional methods. For KONE, the virtual showroom offers a cost-efficient and practical way to demonstrate its product solutions in the customer’s own environment, regardless of the location.

The virtual application developed by Etteplan for KONE was used for the first time at the SMM 2016 EXPO held in Hamburg in September.

“Etteplan’s virtual showroom application can, at its best, help to arouse customers’ interest. It is particularly well adapted to presenting the entire service experience and offers the customer the opportunity to get a handle on technical details, installation methods and elevator interiors. The application’s best user experience requires the VR to incorporate high-quality graphics and smoothly operating devices. We will use this application to market our high-quality elevator solutions globally,” says Jarkko Pekkala, Head of Sales, KONE Marine.

“The solution utilizing Etteplan’s virtual technology creates new opportunities, for instance, for product and plant engineering, installation and training. The benefits of Etteplan’s virtual technology manifest especially in R&D cost savings,” explains Jyri Pirttimäki, Business Unit Director, South Finland – Global Key Account Manager at Etteplan.

KONE is one of the global leaders in the elevator and escalator industry. KONE provides industry-leading elevators, escalators, automatic building doors and integrated solutions to enhance the People Flow in and between buildings.

Etteplan provides technical engineering services, embedded system, IoT (Internet of Things) and technical documentation solutions. Etteplan’s customers are the world’s leading manufacturing industry companies.