HyperSTE 7.5 delivers support for new authoring applications, terminology management and Multiterm workflow.

Improved Terminology and Sentence Management

At Etteplan, we have a very clear vision on what content quality is and what benefits it brings to content creation and how it helps to optimize your (service/aftermarket) business. HyperSTE has been successfully used by technical writers around the world for over 15 years now, and we are excited to announce the release of 7.5, with new integrations and improved terminology and sentence management.

New in HyperSTE 7.5:

  • New supported authoring application: WebX Systems UltraAuthor, Oxygen XML Author versions: 18.0, 17.1 and 16.1.
  • Export to SDL MultiTerm Workflow (online).
  • Term candidates from User Dictionaries are now also easily recognizable in the text.
  • Further development on the silent (without user interaction) installation: the HyperSTE installation path can be customized and the license configuration can be pre-configured.
  • Support for multiple candidate dictionaries on one server.
  • Sentence Database feedback window: new feature to add separate sentences (that have a high compliance rate) to the sentence database.
  • Sentence Database feedback window: when a sentence pair is a candidate it is now visible because it’s in italics.
  • HyperSTE XML report: the Detailed Results are now sorted by default by most frequent, alphabetical order still supported.
  • Terminology Manager: Manage Term Candidates: It’s now possible to save the changes manually, as opposed to only when you’ve moved all term candidates.
  • Arbortext Editor and XMetaL: You see a warning message when Track Changes is enabled.
  • Create Report and Multi-file Report: Support for longer file names. Increase from 150 to 255 text characters.
  • Create Report and Multi-file Report: Added a time stamp to the name of the report.
  • Multi-file Report: several user interface improvements to facilitate creating reports of multiple files.
  • Terminology Manager: Show existing synonym in Synonym field of Non-approved terms during Universal Import.
  • Terminology Manager: New feature during Universal Import: Add all terms automatically.
  • Settings: the rule weights and order are now preset and read-only.
  • Term Feedback window can handle long Definitions, Hints and Examples.
  • Changing the profile location is handled in a clearer and more secure way.
  • Export to CSV feature: Solved a duplication bug in case one origin is selected.
  • Use Dictionary Server: protection against an entered string that contains end of line and return characters.
  • Sentence feedback window: Changed the file location of the settings file and the settings are now saved when HyperSTE is closed.
  • Improved stability and several small bug fixes.
  • Updated user manuals.

More information

For information on how to obtain a test license or how to upgrade your current version of HyperSTE to 7.5, please contact STE Support: [email protected].

And of course, for a complimentary demo, please contact [email protected].