What do Etteplan and the Swedish alpinist Robin Trygg (Sweden’s youngest ever to summit Mount Everest) have in common? Not so much one would think at first sight. However, when you take a closer look they actually have a lot in common. Both Etteplan and Robin are renowned specialists in their respective fields and share the same commitment and attitude towards achieving goals.
Robin has developed a climbing strategy, which enabled him to climb Cho Oyu, the world’s sixth highest mountain and Mount Everest via the north side during only one(!) expedition. Etteplan has a unique approach in the industry to provide engineering services: selling value-added services requires a clear understanding of the value delivered to customers as well as a strategy to exceed customers’ expectations.

One could say that both Robin and Etteplan challenge the way of doing things: mountaineering or engineering – with a difference. Both have set the ambition level high and are passionate about reaching their goals. Neither settles for less. This is the most important reason why Etteplan has decided to support Robin Trygg in his mountaineering projects. You should always go after your dreams. One day you will be there, and if not, you may have learnt something important that brings you to your next goal…

Robin’s story is both fascinating and inspiring, read more here:
http://robintrygg.com/ (In Swedish only)

Robin Trygg in Youtube